and How to Diet And Never Be Hungry

by George Leonard Herter and Berthe E. Herter

Herter's: Waseca, Minn. (1965)

603+ pages.
Hardback VERY GOOD.

Herter's was a Waseca, Minn. mail-order company that offered a complete line of adjustable chokes, ventilated ribs, finished and unfinished stocks, cleaning supplies, boots, clothing, and other fishing, shotgunning, shooting, and hunting-related paraphernalia.
George Leonard Herter, manager of Herter's, Inc. until about 1970; was one of the all-time great catalogue writers. His descriptions of merchandise made Herter's seem like the only supplier of quality products. A slightly-built balding man who wore rather thick glasses, Herter deigned to appear in photographs, lest his customers see him as something less than a second Paul Bunyan.
In addition to making somewhat exaggerated claims, Herter also fabricated the North Star Guide Association, a fictitious organization of equally fictitious Alaskan and Canadian guides who endorsed Herter's products.
Herter's being a connoisseur of the quality things in life and having a tendency toward hyperbole is what his books so engaging. You keep wondering what he'll come up with next.
Herter says (in the introduction): I wrote this book to honestly help the real housewife, mother and office girl keep house with a minimum of effort. They have all figured prominently in my life. I just got sick and tired of listing to the pure hokum put ou by magazines and newpaper women writers trying to become multimillionaires telling women how to be a housewife when they are not even one themselves. They live in homes and apartments with permanent or part-time maids, or army or navy orderlies. In honeyed words they write that they are women just like you and everything that they write is just foor, "little old you." Of course, they ask you to send in your methods of housekeeping so that they can print them. They neglect to put your name and address on these stolen ideas. All they want built up is their income. It is just a plain "con" game and hou are the sucker.
In this book I give you the personal experiences of the Herter families for generations both here and around the world.
If you have any ideas to add to these, send them to me and I will add them to the book giving you full credit for them and listing your name and the town you come from. If you want your address listed, I will list that also. Iwill not steal anything from anyone.
Every bit of advice I write has been tried, and I mean thoroughly tried. I do not mean "tried" like some writers state and not actually tried at all.
I am a man who has cooked, kept house and brough up children, not a fly by night socialite and bridge player or navy or army officer's club housewife, or a plain self-styled authority. I write only about things that I really know about

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