front cover of dust-jacket Editor: Turgeon, Charlotte (ed)
Title: HOLIDAY MAGAZINE AWARD COOKBOOK : Famous Recipes from the HOLIDAY Award Winning Restaurants
Publisher: The Curtis Publishing Company
Place: Indianapolis
Date: (1976)
ISBN-10: 0893870021
ISBN-13: 9780893870027
Pages: 461
Binding: Hardback
Condition: VERY GOOD very good dj
Book Id: MAIN000938I
Details: Foreword, introduction, index
title page of Holiday Magazine Award Cookbook About the book: Holiday Magazine has bestowed the bay-leaf crown and crossed knife and fork on America's best restaurants for 24 years. In the beginning there were just 49 recipients; in recent years there have been more than 200.

Since then the world and the palate have changed. Americans visiting Europe have brought back expanded tastes, a greater knowledge of wines, and an increased appreciation for the niceties of fine service and artistic presentation that make dining a pleasant experience.

This found taste paired with the delights of our natural resources - unsurpassed beef, the cured hams of the South, fresh vegetables and fruits, and the culinary skills of different nationalities blended in the melting pot that is the United States -has produced an abundance of high-style restaurants.

Most North American restaurants offer a variety, a tour, as it were, of choice. The classic cookery of France reigns over many menus here and in Canada and Mexico; but Spanish, Italian, German, and Oriental specialties appear also, and native dishes serve as catalysts for, and interpreters of, these cartes du jour. The recipes in this book were selected by editor Charlotte Turgeon from a much larger number submitted by Award-winning chefs. Her aim has been to avoid duplication and to present a balanced and varied collection that includes soups, salads and appetizers as well as the spectacular entrees and desserts that most restaurants consider their showpieces. She gives the reader standard measurements and simple, step-by-step instructions-these are recipes that will work in the home kitchen- but there is still about these dishes an air of the special occasion.

This book is a trip, one that recalls Holiday Magazine's long association with travel. Introductions to each restaurant provide a look into the rooms of the establishment, admit you to the select company of diners, let you meet the chef and proprietor.

Charlotte Turgeon, Holiday Magazine's Food Editor, is the author of Creative Cookery, Time to Entertain, Tante Marie's French Kitchen, Cooking for Many, and The Saturday Evening Post All-American Cookbook. An authority on French food, she conducts special gourmet cooking tours to Paris and she served as American editor of the authoritative Larousse Gastronomique. She is a graduate of Smith College and the Cordon Bleu.

Robert Lawrence Balzer is Holiday's Restaurant and Wine Editor. His great-grandfather catered Lincoln's second inaugural dinner, and he himself has been a Buddhist monk, a restaurateur, a flying instructor and an actor. Balzer has written extensively on food, wine and related topics.

Check the index for your favorite restaurant(s) :
The Abbey, Atlanta, 106 [Roast Duckling with Stewed Cinnamon Apples, Raisins and Orange Sauce]
Alexis Restaurant, San Francisco, 236
Ambassadeurs, Mexico City, 404
American Restaurant, Kansas City (Mo.), 208
Anthony’s, St. Louis, 210
Anthony’s Pier 4, Boston, 2
Anthony’s Star of the Sea, San Diego, 238
Arthur’s Restaurant, Dallas, 136
Au Pêre Jacques, Chagrin Falls (Ohio), 218
Au Relais, Sonoma (Calif.), 240
Aux Deuces, Sherman Oaks (Calif.), 242
The Bakery, Chicago, 156 [Hungarian Christmas Balls, Sauce Louis]
Barbetta, New York City, 12
La Bastille, Pittsburgh, 72
La Bella Fontana, Beverly Hills, 244
Le Bistro, Milwaukee, 226
Blue Boar Inn, San Francisco, 246
Blue Fox Restaurant, San Francisco, 248
The Blue Horse, St. Paul, 198
Le Bonaparte, Quebec City, 370
Bon Ton Restaurant, New Orleans, 116
La Bourgogne, San Francisco, 250
The Box Tree, Purdy’s (N.Y.), 14
Brennan’s French Restaurant, Houston, 138
Brennan’s Restaurant, New Orleans 118 [Trout Nancy, Lemon Butter Sauce]
Brussels, New York City, 16
The Burgundy Room, Rexdale (Ontario), 372
Café Argenteuil, New York City, 18
Cafe de L’Auberge, Don Mills
(Ontario), 374
Café Budapest, Boston, 4 [Chilled Cherry Soup a la Budapest]
Café Chauveron, Bay Harbor Island
(Fla.), 84
Café L’Europe, Sarasota, 86
Café Johnell, Fort Wayne (md.), 178
Café Martin, Montreal, 376
Café de Paris, Chicago, 158
Café de Paris, Montreal, 378
Camelot, Bloomington (Minn.), 200
Canlis, Honolulu, 360
Canlis, Seattle, 352
Cantina d’Italia Ristorante, Washington (D.C.), 80
Cape Cod Room, Chicago, 160
The Caribbean Room, New Orleans, 120
The Carnelian Room, San Francisco, 252
Le Castillion, Montreal, 380
La Cava, Mexico City, 406
Chalet Suzanne, Lake Wales (Fla.), 88
Le Champlain, Quebec City, 382
Charlie’s Café Exceptionale, Minneapolis, 202
Chasen’s, Los Angeles, 254 [Spinach Salad, Chasen's Peperonata (Pepper Steak)]
Château Pyrênées, Englewood (Cob.), 342
La Chaumiêre, Beverly Hills, 256
La Cheminée Restaurant, Chicago, 162
Chesapeake Restaurant, Baltimore, 130
Chez Bardet, East Montreal, 384
Chez Cary, Orange (Calif.), 258
Chez Guido, Palm Beach, 90
Chez Raymond Café St. Denis, New York City, 20
Christian’s, Metairie (La.), 122
Le Cirque, New York City, 22 [Supreme de Volaille Gismonda (Breast of Chicken with Mushrooms and Spinach), Broiled Flouder Cirque]
Cbs Normand, New York City, 24
The Coach House, New York City, 26 [Fresh Smelts Savory, Cold Eggplant Salad]
Commander’s Palace, New Orlegns, 124
Le Cordon Bleu, Dania (Fla.), 92
La Côte Basque, New York City, 28
Danny’s, Baltimore, 132
Delmonico’s, Mexico City, 408
Dodin-Bouffant, Boston, 6
Dominic’s, St. Louis, 212
Doros, San Francisco, 260
The Down Under, Fort Lauderdale (Fla.), 94
Empress of China, San Francisco, 262
L’Endroit, East Hills (N.Y.), 30
The English Room and Pub, Milwaukee, 228
L’Epicure Restaurant, East Greenbush (N.Y.), 32
L’Epuisette, Chicago, 164
L’Ermitage, Los Angeles, 264
Ernie’s Restaurant, San Francisco, 266 [Sweetbreads aux Morilles]
L’Escargot, Carmei (Calif.), 268
L’Escoffier, Beverly Hills, 270
L’Etoile, San Francisco, 272
Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant, Orland Park (Iii.), 166
The Fig Tree Restaurant, San Antonio, 140 [Heavenly Hash Dessert, Stuffed Mushrooms]
Five Crowns, Corona del Mar (Calif.), 274
Fleur De Lys, San Francisco, 276 [Veal Champagne]
The Forge, Miami Beach, 96
Fournou’s Ovens, San Francisco, 278
The Four Seasons, New York City, 34 [Sauteed Calves' Liver with Avocado]
Le Francais, Wheeling (III.), 168
The French Restaurant, Atlanta, 108
Gage & Tollner, Brooklyn, 36
Gloucester House, New York City, 38
Gourmet Restaurant, Cincinnati, 220
La Grenouille, New York City, 40 [Chicken with Herbs, Charles Masson's Bread and Butter Pudding]
Gulliver’s, Irvine (Calif.), 282
Hugo’s Lighthouse, Cohasset Harbor (Mass.), 8
Imperial Dynasty, Hanford (Calif.) 284
Imperial Palace, San Francisco, 286
India House, San Francisco, 288
International Rosewood Room, Minneapolis, 204
Jack’s Restaurant, San Francisco, 290
Jasper’s Italian Restaurant, Kansas City (Mo.) [Brandy Alexander Mousse], 214
Joe Muer’s Restaurant, Detroit, 188
Joe’s Restaurant, Reading (Pa.), 74
Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant, MiamiBeach, 98 [Mustard Sauce, Shrimp Creole]
Justine’s, Memphis, 134
Kan’s Restaurant, San Francisco,­ 292 [Curried Tomato Chicken]
Karl Ratzsch’s, Milwaukee, 230
Kee Joon’s Cuisine of China, Burlingame (Calif.), 294
King Cole, Dayton, 222
King Cole, Indianapolis, 180
LeRuth’s, Gretna (La.), 126
London Chop House, Detroit, 190
La Louisiane, San Antonio, 142
Lowell Inn, Stillwater (Minn.), 206
Lubach’s, San Diego, 296
Lutèce, New York City, 44
Mader’s German Restaurant, Milwaukee, 232
Maile Restaurant, Honolulu, 362
Maisonette, Cincinnati, 224
Las Mañanitas, Cuernavaca, 410
The Mandarin, San Francisco, 298
Le Manoir, New York City, 42
The Manor, West Orange (N.J.), 10
Mario’s, Dallas, 144
Masson’s, New Orleans, 128
Maurice et Charles’ Bistrot, San Rafael (Calif.), 300
Maxim’s de Paris, Chicago, 170
Maxwell’s Plum, New York City, 46
Michel's at the Colony Surf, Honolulu, 364
The Midnight Sun, Atlanta, 110
Mister A's Restaurant, San Diego, 302
Mon Grenier, Encino (Calif.), 304
Le Mont, Pittsburgh, 76
Nanni ii Valletto, New York City, 48
Nendel's Inn, Portland (Oreg.), 348
Le Neufchatel, Montreal, 386
The Ninety-Fifth, Chicago, 172
L'Odéon, San Francisco, 306
Old Swiss House, Fort Worth, 146
Old Warsaw Restaurant (La Vieille Varsovie), Dallas, 148
Ondine, Sausalito (Calif.), 308
L'Orangerie, San Francisco, 310 [Carre de Porc a L'Orangerie (Roast Pork with Orange Sauce)]
Orsini's, New York City, 50 [Pollo alla Margarita (Chicken Margarita)]
Paolo's Continental Restaurant, San José (Calif.), 312
The Palace, New York City, 52
Palace Arms, Denver, 344
The Pavilion Room, Kamuela (Hawaii), 366
Pearl's, New York City, 54
The Pen & Pencil, New York City, 56
Le Périgord-Park, New York City, 58
Petite Marmite, Palm Beach (Fla.), 100 [Veal Chops Petite Marmite]
Pierce's 1894 Restaurant, Elmira Heights (N.Y.), 60
Pierre's Quorum Restaurant, Denver, 346
The Pirate's House, Savannah, 112
Pontchartrain Wine Cellars, Detroit, 192
The Presidents, Chicago, 174
Le Provençal, Washington (D.C.), 82
The Pyramid Room, Dallas, 150
Pzazz! Starlight Room, Burlington (Iowa), 186
Quo Vadis, New York City, 62
Raffaello, Carmel (Calif.), 314
Raft and Reef, Sarasota (Fla.), 102
Raimondo's, Miami, 104
The Rainbow Room, New York City, 64
The Ranch House, Ojai (Calif.), 316 [Lamb Armenian]
René Verdon's Le Trianon, San Francisco, 318 [Arlequin Souffle]
Restaurant Del Lago, Mexico City 412
Restaurant Le St. Amable, Montreal, 388
Ristorante Chianti, Los Angeles, 320
Ristorante Orsi, San Francisco, 322
Rosellini's Four-10, Seattle, 354
Rosellini's Other Place, Seattle, 356
Royal Hunt Dining Room, Toronto 390
Salishan Lodge, Gleneden Beach I (Oreg.), 350
The Sardine Factory, Monterey (Calif.), 324
La Saulaie, Boucherville (Quebec) 392
La Scala, Beverly Hills, 326
Scandia, Hollywood (Calif.), 328
Sea Fare of the Aegean, New York City, 66
Shambarger's, Redkey (Md.), 182
Stanley Demos' Coach House, Lexington (Ky.), 114
Stone Ends Restaurant, Glenmont (N.Y.), 68
The Third Floor Restaurant, Honolulu, 368
Tony's, Houston, 152
Tony's, St. Louis, 216
Top o' the Cove Restaurant, La Jolla (Calif.), 330
La Tour, Indianapolis, 184
The Tower, Los Angeles, 332
Tower Garden and Restaurant Skokie (Iii.), 176
Trader Vic's, San Francisco, 334
La Traite du Roy, Quebec City, 394
Truffles, Toronto, 396.
Truffles, Vancouver, 398
The "21" Club, New York City, 70
Valentino Restaurant, Santa Monica (Calif.), 336 [Steamed Mussels alla Valentino]
The Vineyards, Southfield (Mich.), 194
Win Schuler's, Marshall (Mich.), 196
The Windsor, Los Angeles, 338
Winston's, Toronto, 400
Yamato, San Francisco, 340
Ye Olde Steak House, Windsor (Ontario), 402

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