front of dust-jacket of Traditional Ukrainian Cookery Author: Stechishin, Savella [Initiated by the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada as a national organization project]
Title: Traditional Ukrainian Cookery
Publisher: Trident Press Ltd
Place: Winnipeg CANADA
Date: 1982(1957)
Edition: 13th ed
ISBN: 0919490360
Pages: 496
Binding: Hardback
Condition: VERY GOOD w/ a few mild cooking stains and some pencilled notatations of a useful nature, fading to spine of dj
Book Id: MAIN005922I
Details: Introduction, index
About the book: Here is a grand collection of cherished family recipes to satisfy the homemaker's needs for appetizing and interesting dishes from the Ukrainian kitchen. The measurements and directions of these recipes, with their old-world charm, have been modernized and standardized making them readily adaptable to Canadian use. Good cooks from various parts of Canada have also contributed their own family favorites and have proudly signed them.
The sections on Ukrainian baking are especially fascinating. There are various recipes for traditional, festive breads like babka, coffee cakes, in-numerable old-world bread pastries, and also delicate tortes, tea dainties, and honey cakes that keep fresh for weeks.
In the introduction to each section the compiler has given some interesting information about colorful Ukrainian customs, old-world traditions, and festive ceremonies which bring out the individuality of the Ukrainian people. The recipes are presented in a unique style with introductory notes which make the book informative, friendly, and delightful to read.
Both the Amateur and the experienced cook will find this book helpful for everyday meals and for festive occasions

About the author: Savella Stechishin, born in Ukraine, has made a significant contribution toward the recognition and preservation of the richness and beauty of Ukrainian traditions and handicrafts in Canada. She is the author of a book on Ukrainian embroideries, a pioneer of the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada, which she headed for many years, and a columnist in the Ukrainian Voice, Winnipeg.
A graduate in home economics from the University of Saskatchewan, Savella Stechishin worked as a home economist for women's services of the university, lecturing to women's groups in the field of foods. During the war she wrote articles on food and nutrition for Ukrainian language papers in Canada on behalf of the Consumer Information Service, Ottawa.
Her professional training, personal experience as a homemaker and wide knowledge of Ukrainian recipes and customs gave her an excellent background for compiling this permanent record of traditional Ukrainian cookery. She presents these carefully compiled recipes in an atmosphere of the color and customs which have surrounded their use.

Try: Different types of borsch: Beet Kvas, Rye Kvas, Standard Borsch, Clear Borsch, Spring Beet Borsch, Borsch with Potatoes, Sorrel Borsch, Meatless Borsch, Rye Kvas Borsch, Kartoplyanka, Country Style (Potato Soup), Kapusnyak (Sauekraut Soup), Baked Buckwheat Kasha, Croutons for Fruit Soups, Roast Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce, Veal Kotlety with Brain Sauce, Spareribs with Sauerkraut, Pashtetyky of Brains, Baked Stuffed Pike, Orange Stuffing for Wild Duck, Smetana Sauce with Green Onion, Cottage Cheese Halushky, Various doughs for Varenyky (Pyrohy) and fillings (Potato and Cheese Filling, Sauerkraut Filling, Mushroom Filling), Brussel Sprouts with Chestnuts, Spinach Sichenyky (Spinach Patties), Sauerkraut with Caraway Seed, Jellied Pear and Cherry Compote, Traditional Easter Babka, Puff Ball Perekladanets (Coffee Cake), etc.