front of dust-jacket Author: Tipping, Jill
Title: iced follies : Fantasy cakes for very special occasions ; Thirty-Five Spectacular Works Of Edible Art
Publisher: Macdonald Orbis
Place: London
Date: (1988)
ISBN-10: 0356156362
ISBN-13: 9780356156361
Pages: 168
Binding: Hardback
Condition: VERY GOOD very good dj
Photographer: Jerry Tubby
Illustrator: Sally Kindberg
Book Id: MAIN015645I
Details: Introduction, index
About the book: A avant-garde 3-D collection of cake sculptures straightforward enough to make at home; even by an inexperienced cake decorator. Clear, descriptive recipes use beautiful illustrations to help explain the steps involved. A comprehensive front section describes all the basic recipes, equipment and techniques needed. Contains useful cake baking charts for instant cross-reference. Themes range from the glamorous and artistic to the domestic and even humorous; Dali's melting clocks, the Henry Moore style sculpture, the Cunard linber steaming through sea mist and the pop-up fat lady seaside postcard, a cake in the shape of gift-wrapped socks and tie again pokes fun at the standard present for a male member of the family . . . or perhaps a sumptuous three-tier creation of edible Hollywood dancing girls. Salvador Dali's painting, Persistence Of Memory; first shown in the early 1930s and reproduced in the book (as below) inspired the author's cake design on given on pages 39-42.

Salvador Dali persistence of memory


Introduction 6



Rich fruit cake 7
Light fruit cake 8
Quick sponge cake 9
Victoria sponge cake 9
Swiss roll 14
Royal icing 14
15 Fondant icing
15 Marzipan
16 Glace icing
16 Chewy chocolate covering
17 Buttercream
17 Apricot glaze

Making and covering cake boards 20
Preparing cake tins 20
Covering cake with marzipan 21
Covering cake with fondant icing 22

22 Covering cake with royal icing
23 Colouring and painting
25 Piping techniques
26 Templates
27 Making run-outs

Broadway babies 28
Cake on tap 32
Dish of the day 35
The persistence of memory (above) 39
Wish you were here 43
Pigs in muck 48
A handbag 51
Out of the blue 56
Sew tasty 60
Iced folly 64
The one that got away 69
Socks & tie again 73
Candy man 77
Calavera 80
Personal services 84
Right on cue 89
Shining pyramid 92
96 Rather Moore-ish
99 Sweet memories
103 Trivia
106 Tuttifrutti
111 Decoration with mask
115 Cakofax
119 P.O.S.H.
123 Tea cake
127 Pink lady
131 Jamityville
135 On the tiles
138 Orlando
142 Batmobile
147 Canned fruit
151 Currantcy
155 White Christmas
158 First prize veg
162 Swiss roller

List of suppliers 166
Index 167
Acknowledgements 168

Jill Tipping

About the author: Jill Tipping started making fantasy cakes when she was studying graphic design at art school. She remembers her first cake as a simple spiral-bound document, but soon began to produce buildings, cars, people, animals and all sorts of other objects in edible form, discovering and inventing new techniques all the time. Jill always says that cake decorating for her is just a hobby, but nonetheless she won the RIBA Christmas cake decorating competition in 1984 with a cake of Balham Odeon in the snow. In her 'other' lives she is a designer at Woman's Realm magazine, and is a singer in a madrigal group. She lives in south-west London.