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  1. (Albion). Women of Christ Church Guild. Cook Book. Eddy Printing Co 1923. VG. Wraps. 135 pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Photo.
  2. US$: 40.00

  3. (Bath). Compiled from tested recipes of the ladies of Bath, N.Y. By Mrs. James M. Platt. What We Know About Cooking. Stephen Courier Print 1875. Text only, cvrs missing. 48 pgs. Pref by Frances E. Platt. Signed recipes. Br 2132, Ck 173. Fourth entry chronologically for New York, in Cook. Title page.
  4. US$: 75.00

  5. (Bath). Women of St. Thomas Church. For The Benefit Of The Parish House Fund. Parish House Receipts. Advocate Book And Job Rooms 1892. New case bndg VG. 81 pgs. Pref. Signed recipes. Ck 179. Photo.
  6. US$: 110.00

  7. (Binghamton). Monday Afternoon Club. Favorite Recipes (Comp by Mrs. James V. Beazley and Miss Lucy Stone). ca 1910. VG handwritten recipes on rear "blank" pages, some check marks. Hb. 144 pgs. Signed recipes. Ads, frontis, index. Br 2348. Ad for "The Lady Jane Grey School Boarding And Day School For Girls" a college prep school for women. Title page.
  8. US$: 40.00

  9. (Brooklyn). Ladies of the Parish Aid Society of St. Johns Church. Cook Book Of Tested Recipes. (1914). VG. Hb. 171+ pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. SOLD
  10. (Brooklyn). Comp by Flora L. Davenport. [To Be Sold For The Benefit Of The Brooklyn Home for Consumptives]. Hand Book of Choice Receipts. P.J. Collison & Co 1901. VG with new endpapers. Hb. 87 pgs. Pref. Signed recipes. Index. Br 2211, Ck 184. Photo.
  11. US$: 70.00

  12. (Brooklyn). Jewish Women's Relief Association. A Book for a Cook. 1909. GOOD w/new endpapers. Hb. 150 Ads. Pref. Ck 189. Short section on Passover recipes.
  13. SOLD

    186. Children's Hospital of Buffalo Cook Book

  14. (Buffalo). Josephine Goodyear Committee of The Children's Hospital. Children's Hospital of Buffalo Cook Book. 1962. VG. PSp/wraps. 320 pgs. Signed recipes. Fwd. Index. Photo.
  15. US$: 20.00

  16. (Buffalo). Children's Hospital Aid Association. Children's Hospital Aid Association Cook Book. (1936). VG(prev own name in fountain pen). Hb. 320 pgs. Ads. Illus by Louisa W. Robins. Signed recipes. Br 2316. Section on Menus/recipes for Children drawn from noon-day meals served at the Elmwood Nursery School. In the great tradition of disguising healthy ingredients: "Liver Loaf."
  17. SOLD

  18. (Buffalo). Western New York Committee for American Field Service. American Field Service International Cookbook. 1959. Third Edition. 3rd ptg. VG. PSp/wraps. 140 pgs. Intro. Photo.
  19. US$: 17.50

  20. (Buffalo). Western New York Committee for American Field Service. American Field Service International Cookbook. 1959. Third Edition. 2nd ptg. VG. PSp/wraps. 140 pgs. Intro. Photo.
  21. US$: 17.50

  22. (Buffalo). Recipes furnished by members of the family. General Daniel Davidson Bidwell Cook Book. Nd. VG. Wraps. 48. Signed recipes. SOLD
  23. (Buffalo). Class XX Association Of Richmond Avenue M.E. Church. Richmond Cook Book. June 1922. VG(new endpapers). Hb. 142 pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Photo.
  24. US$: 55.00

  25. (Castile). By Cordelia A. Greene M.D. Castile Sanitarium Cook Book. Fred Norris Printer 1902. VG with minor tide mark on rr cvr. Oilcloth wraps. 101+ pgs. Ck 184. Title page.
  26. US$: 95.00

  27. (Corning). Young Ladies Of The Chancel Guild of Christ Church. Crystal City Recipe Book. Gazette Co, Book And Job: Elmira, 1890. New case binding, contents GOOD. Hb. 114 pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Index. Ck 178. Title page.
  28. US$: 110.00

  29. (East Hampton, Long Island). Ladies Village Improvement Society. 70th Anniversary Cook Book (1895-1965). Skimhampton Press (1965). VG. MSp/wraps. 281 pgs. Ads. Fwd, signed recipes, index of contriubutors. Photo.
  30. US$: 25.00

  31. (East Hampton, Long Island). Ladies' Village Improvement Society. Three Hundredth Anniversary Cook Book. East Hampton Star 1948. Clean wtr stn to cvr (spine). MSp/wraps. 80 pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Index. Cover pictures an Indian and a Pilgrim shaking hands. Photo.
  32. US$: 25.00

  33. (Elizabethtown). Ladies of the Congregational Church. Ed. by the Eveready Club. Favorite Recipes. Elizabethtn Post and Gazette ca 1904. VG. Hb. 75 pgs. Frontis, ads. Signed recipes. Index. Br 2216, Ck 185 pgs. Photo.
  34. US$: 55.00

  35. (Geneva). Woman's Board Of The Medical and Surgical Hospital. Geneva Cook Book. Press of W.F. Humphrey 1895. VG w/new endpapers. Hb. 240 pgs. Ads. Pref. Br 2185, Ck 180. Photo.
  36. US$: 125.00

  37. (Ithaca). Young Ladies' Guild Of St. John's Episcopal Church. Home-Made Cook Book: A Collection Of Tried And Tested Recipes. Democrat Stm Bk And Job Ptg 1885. New case binding over original wraps. 109+ pgs. Ads. Ck 176. Photo.
  38. US$: 135.00

  39. (Lebanon Springs). Church Of Our Savior. Lebanon Valley Cookery Including "Tried Receipts" Published In 1889 By The Ladies' Guild. C.F. Williams & Son, Inc: Albany, N.Y., July 1926. VG. Hb. 133+ pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Index. Br 2295. SOLD
  40. 200. Malone Cook Book.

  41. (Malone). Receipts/Ladies of Malone and others. Pub/Woman's Aid Society of the First Congregational Church. Malone Cook Book. Tuttle: Rutland, (1908). Fifth rev edn. VG(resewn). Hb. 351 pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Index. Recipes pasted on blank "receipt" leaves. Ck 188. Title page.
  42. US$: 85.00

  43. (Monroe). Ladies Of The Methodist Episcopal Church. Cook's Counselor. Newburgh Journal Print 1900. VG w/new spine. Hb. 94 pgs. Ads. Br 2208, Ck 183. Photo.
  44. US$: 110.00

  45. (New York). New York City Women's Council of the Navy League of the U.S. Comp and ed by Miller and Miller. Pot Luck. Manhattan Printing Co: NY, (Dec 15 1942). VG. Wraps. 80 pgs. Ads. Fwd. Cover design by Ernest Koenig. Signed recipes. Index. Br 2329. Photo.
  46. US$: 45.00

  47. (New York). Ed by Frances S. Daugherty and Aileen C. Brothers. gridiron cookery. David McKay: NY, (1960). VG/vg dj. Hb. Xiv, 193. Pref, index. Photo.
    From the dj: The nation's most resourceful hostesses- the wives of football coaches- skilled at taming (and feeding) victory-mad mobs- or reviving a few low-spirited losers- break out 250 and more of their treasured recipes for wonderful food.
  48. US$: 25.00

  49. (New York). Yorkville Yount Council. Cook And Be Merry : Yorkville Menus from the Old World Adapted to the Tempo of Today. (1951). VG. Wraps. 31 pgs. Photo.
  50. US$: 25.00

  51. (New York). Sisterhood Of The West End Synagogue. Practical Cook Book. ca 1910. Second edn. GOOD w/light wtr stn to one edge. Hb. 121 pgs. Signed recipes. Ck 190.
  52. SOLD

    206. Dining for Moderns

  53. (New York). New York Exchange For Woman's Work. Comp by Mrs. G. Edgar Hackney (Chairman, Woman's Exchange Revue). Dining for Moderns With Menus And Recipes- The Why And When Of Wining. Eilert Printing Co (1940). VG sm tide mark on lower right crnr. MSp/wraps. 39 pgs. Ads. Fwd by Katharine P. Miller (Chairman, Restaurant Committee). Wine Notes by Peter Greig. Index. Br 2324. Apparently the Women's Exchange hosted some Wine and Food Society Dinners. Includes Dinner Menus with suggested wine. Photo.
  54. US$: 50.00

  55. (Oneida). Ladies' Cook Book Of The First M.E. Church. Rome Sentinel Ptg House: Rome, 1883. VG. Wraps. 65 pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Ck 176. Photo.
  56. US$: 195.00

  57. (Saratoga Springs). Young Women's Mission Circle. Saratoga Favorite. Cozzens & Waterbury 1891. VG(new endpapers). Hb. 171 pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Index. Ck 179. Photo.
  58. US$: 110.00

  59. (Scarsdale). Wellesley-In-Westchester (comp for the 75th Anniversary Fund Of Wellesley College). Favorite Recipes of Wellesley Alumnae. 1950. VG. MSp/wraps. 144 pgs. Fwd by Gladys Taber. Signed recipes. Photographic endpapers picture the college from the air. Indices. Br 2336. The signed recipes include the contributor's maiden name as well as the married name. Photo.
  60. US$: 100.00

  61. (Syracuse).
  62. 210. Hints For Housekeepers Women's Auxiliary Of The Hospital Of The Good Shepherd. By Mrs. Charles Andrews And Mrs. E.F. Southworth. Hints For Housekeepers. Mason Press (1904). Soiled. Hb. 125+ pgs. Ads. Pref. Cover and title page designs by Mary Cowles Clark. Ck 185. Photo.
    US$: 60.00

    Has a wide range of info: "Care Of The Furnace And Range," "The Laundry," "Serving A Dinner And Duties Of A Waitress," are some of the subjects less frequently found in cook books. A beautifully printed and illustrated book.
    The image to the left is of the title page.

  63. (Syracuse). Pilgrim Class Of Plymouth Congregational Church (comp). Plymouth Church Cook Book. Sept 1 1923. GOOD w/some of the paper layer of fr cvr worn off. Hb. 169+ pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Photo.
  64. US$: 35.00

  65. (Tully). King Chapter Eastern Star. O.E.S. Cook Book. ca 1920s. VG light soil to cvr. Hb. 166 pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Photo.
  66. US$: 45.00

  67. (Fargo). Trustees, First Presbyterian Church. Dining Room and Kitchen. The No. 1 Hard Cook Book. E.A. Webb 1889. Text only, cvrs missing. Wraps. 64 + ads. Ads. Signed recipes. Index. Br 3663. Ck 198. First chronological entry for North Dakota in Cook. Rare. Title Page.
  68. US$: 250.00

  69. (Grand Forks). Ladies Of Grand Forks. Diamond Cook Book. North Dakota Milling Co: before 1916, probably before 1900. Text only (covers absent). Wraps. 151 pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Ck 199. Cream of Wheat was produced by the North Dakota Milling Co. Title Page.
  70. US$: 50.00

  71. (Akron). Ladies of the First Congregational Church. Compiled and Published by the 1913 December Band. Cook Book. 1913. GOOD. Hb. 108 pgs. Ads. Pref. Signed recipes. Br 3733, Ck 217. National City Bank advertises "Special Facilities For Handling Ladies' Accounts."
  72. SOLD

    front cover of Columbian Recipes

  73. (Akron). Ladies of the Main Street M.E. Church (as Revised by). Columbian Recipes : A Publication Of The Methodist Cook-Book. Capron & Curtice: Akron, 1893. Rebound with orig cvrs laid over case binding (VG). 152 pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Ck 209.
  74. Go to CyndisList to see all the advertisements in Columbian Recipes. SOLD

  75. (Berea). Ladies Of The Methodist Church and The Ladies Of The G.A.R. Berea Cook Book. Advertiser Print: Berea, Dec 25 1897. First edn. VG (snake-skin like cover). Hb. 109 pgs. Ads. Appendix. Signed recipes. Ck 211. Photo.
  76. US$: 75.00

  77. (Canton). Children's Mission, Inc. Children's Mission Cook Book. (1937). VG. Hb. 288 pgs. Fwd. Signed recipes. Index. Br 3815. Ad for Hoover (vacuum) One Fifty Cleaning Ensemble ($1.50 A Week Payable monthly). Photo.
  78. US$: 30.00

  79. (Cleveland). Arranged By Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Morse, Mrs. Stone, Mrs. Nixon For Benefit Of Windemere Presbyterian Church. Three Hundred Tested Delicacies. A.J. Watt ca 1905-1910. GOOD (spine scuffed). Wraps. Np. Ads. Ck 214. Photo.
  80. US$: 45.00

  81. (Dayton). Ladies Of The First Presbyterian Church. Presbyterian Cook Book. John H. Thomas: Dayton, 1883(1873). VG (rebound, new endpapers). Hb. 178 pgs. Pref, illus. Signed recipes. Br 3684, Ck 208. SOLD
  82. (Dayton). Women of the First Presbyterian Church. Presbyterian Cook Book. United Brethren Pub House 1911. 3rd edn. VG. Hb. 216+ pgs. Pref, pref no. 2. Signed recipes. Ck 217. Gives photos of the various church buildings this church has met in. Photo.
  83. US$: 70.00

  84. (Marion). Ladies' Aid Society Of The First Presbyterian Church. Recipes Tried And True. Press Of Kelley Mount 1894. VG. Hb. 181 pgs. Ads. Pref, index.
  85. US$: 135.00

  86. (Mount Vernon). Women of The First Presbyterian Church. A Book Of Recipes. 1923. Rev & Enl edn. VG. Oilcloth cvr. 282 pgs. Signed recipes. Index. Photo.
  87. US$: 30.00

  88. (Ravenna). King's Daughters Grace Church. Cook Book: Tried Recipes. Ravenna Democrat Press ca 1930s. Second edn. VG. Hb. 225 pgs. Ads. SOLD
  89. (Toledo). Comp From Recipes Contributed By Ladies Of Toledo And Other Cities. Home Cook Book (Pub For The Joint Benefit Of The Home For Friendless Women And The Orphans' Home). Toledo Commercial Co 1874. 1st edn. Reading Copy (resewn and reinforced). Hb. 124+ pgs. Ads. Pref. Signed recipes.
  90. US$: 85.00

  91. (Toledo). Ladies Of The Collingwood Avenue Presbyterian Church. Culinary Conceits For Good Housekeepers. Barkdull Printing House 1894. Rebound with original covers laid over VG. Hb. 196+ pgs. Ads. Pref. Signed recipes. Index.
  92. US$: 135.00

  93. (Youngstown). Ladies Of The First Presbyterian Church. Youngstown Cook Book. Vindicator Printing Co 1905. GOOD with pencil notes/recipes throughout. Hb. 210+ pgs. Pref. Signed recipes. Br 3716. Photo.
  94. US$: 85.00

  95. (Youngstown). City Mission and Coffee House. Way to a Man's Heart : A Cook Book. Peter Paul Book Co: Buffalo, 1897. Top edge spotted. Hb. 160 pgs. Ads on mint-colored stock. Biblio. SOLD
  96. (Zanesville). By Mrs. F.M. Townsend and Mrs. G.M Streeter. Pub In Behalf Of The Tenth Legion Of The Second Street Methodist. Episcopal Church. Tenth Legion Cook Book: A Collection Of Tried Recipes Contributed By Various Zanesville Housekeepers. ca 1906. GOOD. Hb. 145 pgs. Signed recipes. Index. Ck 215. Chapter called "Gospel Remedies." Photo.
  97. US$: 50.00

  98. (Okmulagee). Ladies' Aid Society Of The First Presbyterian Church. Goodies for the Good. Indian Territory. December 1904. Nicely rebuilt and restored GOOD. Wraps. Np. Ads. Signed recipes. Ck 200. Rare imprint from Indian Territory. Photo.
  99. US$: 750.00

    front cover of The Chef

  100. (Tulsa). Colored Girls Receiving Home. The Chef. Brix Printing Co 1944. VG. Wraps. 59 pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Photo.
  101. US$: 150.00

  102. (Tulsa). Mae Wadley Abbot [Chocktaw Roll Number 7559]. Oklahoma Indian Cook Book: The Best Indian Recipes From The Best Indian State. 1956. VG. Wraps. 28 pgs. Illus by Acee Blue Eagle [Indian artist of international fame]. Book done in honor of Oklahoma Statehood Centennial. SOLD

  103. .
  104. (Newberg). Woman's Auxiliary to Pacific College. Practical Cook Book. Graphic Print: Newberg, 1912. VG. Oilcloth brds. 133 pgs. Ads. Frontis, pref. Signed recipes. Index. Ck 204. Photo.
  105. US$: 50.00

  106. (Portland). Oregon Herb Society. Accent With Herbs. 1950s. VG. PSp/wraps. 390 pgs. Index. Photo.
  107. US$: 22.50

    235. Bundles For Britain

  108. (Portland). Comp by Harriet Cumming Corbett "as a means of aiding Britain [in WWII]." Bundles For Britain Cook Book. 1941. VG. PSp/wraps. 129 pgs. Signed recipes. SOLD
  109. (Portland). Portland Telegram. by Aunt Prudence (Mrs. Inie Gage Chapel). An All-Western Conservation Cook Book [Cover title: Telegram Conservation Cook Book]. Modern Ptg & Pub Co Dec 15 1917. Reading copy. Oilcloth wraps. 288 pgs. Intro. Index. Br 3855. "Containing All The Tables, Recipes, And Important Items Discussed In Aunt Prudence's Kitchen Department Of The Evening Telegram." A WWI conservation cook book which gives cost analysis with each recipe. Front cover. Rear cover.
  110. US$: 40.00

  111. (Portland). By Mrs. Hannah Tyszkiewitz, And Miss Lucy V. Britton. Sanitarium Eclectic Cook Book. R.H. Mitchell: St. Helens, nd. Ca 1895. Orig paper cvrs, new spine. A few pencil ckmrks within text. Wraps. 92 pgs. Contains errata slip. Ads for Portland Sanitarium Health Foods (a branch of Battle Creek Sanitarium Health Food Co). Very scarce. Photo.
  112. US$: 250.00

  113. (Salem).
  114. front cover of Cherry City Cook Book Ladies' Auxiliary Of Unity Church. Cherry City Cook Book. [Quality Printing Co.] ca 1910. GOOD(rebacked w/new endpapers). Hb(pict cvr). 130 pgs. Ads. Signed recipes. Index to advertisers. Ck 203. SOLD

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